Frequency lighting

The magical play of light and shadow comes together in this beautiful wall lamp!

❅ Made with love for mother earth with sustainable materials

❅ Filled with loving reiki energy

A warm embrace.
Soft and gentle.
A leap to rest on.
Safe and loved.
A moment to fully let go.
To surrender.
To be all you are.

Rooted deep into ancient times.
With respect,
and joy.
Curiousity leads the way.
Uncaved paths.
What new old wisdom is there to explore?

Straight into the depth of the soul.
Captured in presence.
With great clarity and power.
No small talk.
No hiding.
and to the core.
Showing your true strength.
Your true wisdom.
Your real truth.

A shiver through the body.
The presence of the mystic world.
Bring out the mystic in you.
The wise.
The intuitive.
The clear seer.
It spreads like warm waves.
A sight.
It’s time to release it into the world.

A sunny radiance.
Spreading her light,
spreading her joy.
A playful happiness.
A twinkeling eye.
Follow the path of joy,
leading to a heart filled adventure.


✺ ø 30 cm lamp ⤞ ø 65 cm shadow

✺ ø 30 cm lamp ⤞ ø 65 cm shadow
✺ ø 45 cm lamp ⤞ ø 110 cm shadow
✺ ø 60 cm lamp ⤞ ø 140 cm shadow

Not sure what size fits your space best? I will gladly photoshop it for you in a picture of your house!


The light discs are made of 5mm thick bamboo. It is a super fine and powerful material and very durable because it grows like cabbage. The caramel color gives it a warm look that goes wonderfully with the refined texture of the bamboo’s veins.


In all my designs, sustainability is at the top. Creating beautiful things with respect for and in cooperation with mother earth.

When designing these lamps, I did extensive research on the best option for each component. Looking at type of material, production location, production conditions, etc.

What delights have come out of this!

⤜ Light discs made of fast-growing bamboo
⤜ Porcelain fitting
⤜ Linen finished cords produced in Europe
⤜ LED mirror lamp
⤜ For each lamp, I’ll have a tree planted (

And each lamp gets a bath of pure (reiki) life energy.


✺ 30 cm lamp ⤞ €244,-
✺ 45 cm lamp ⤞ €266,-
✺ 60 cm lamp ⤞ €288,-

Prices include
⤞ 2m linen cord
⤞ Black or white socket
⤞ Switch
⤞ Plug
⤞ LED head mirror lamp (choose from gold/silver and pure ambient/atmospheric & illuminating)

Andere materialen

The cords are made of natural unbleached linen and they are produced under good conditions in Europe.

An elegant porcelain fitting creates just the right distance from the wall for a beautiful shade. Porcelain is a fine natural material, but unfortunately they are produced in China. The manufacturer does state that they use as little packaging material as possible and recycle it. You can choose from black or white (also applies to the switch).

Do you know a more sustainable alternative? Let me know!