Practicle info

The great magic of sending powerful healing all over the world.


Single session

€85,- for a healing of 90 minutes.
This includes sharing before and after.

Deep dive

€215,- for 3 healings of 90 minutes.
With this we take the time to really go in depth. This is very good for example with physical complaints that have been in your body for a long time or patterns that you want to break. I would love to heal them in 1 session, but it often turns out that a little more is needed.

Incl. oracle card and affirmations to strengthen your new truth at home.

Transformation support

€400,- for 5 healings of 90 minutes.
Do you feel that a period of great transformation is coming up or are you already in the middle of it? Think of living together, pregnant, starting your own business and other exciting big steps in your life.

Then it is very nice to be supported energetically. It provides more confidence in yourself during the transformation and all fears, blocks, obstacles etc that arise during the steps we will feel together and let flow through, so everything finds a place more easily.

Incl. contact via app or zoom, cardreading, affirmations at home and a powerful field that we create together in which you can bathe during the process.

Want more information or doubt a healing is appropriate? Please feel free to contact me!