How others experience it

Josje is a super fine, gentle, empathetic and intuitively very strong practitioner. She supported my baby niece in a critical phase. We are extremely grateful to Josje and will recommend her at all times.
Gentle and profound.

⤞ Angelique over Nova⤝

Since a small week I suffer from nerve pain in the back when sitting. Sitting on a chair, hand on back, immediately a lot of warmth that went to the place of pain. Heat ‘dominated’ the pain and made it ebb away. The pain ebbed away through my back and body. After that, the warmth stayed for a long time and it was surprising that the pain disappeared.

⤞ Henk ⤝

I am quite critical when it comes to energy transfer, but I cannot say otherwise than that Josje is a powerful reiki channel. I felt everything come alive under her hands, and after the session I experienced more connection between my upper and lower body. Since then, my tinnitus has also significantly decreased (and remained).

Peter ⤝

For days I had been suffering from a very stiff neck and could barely move my head. I had heard of reiki and to be honest I found (and still find) it a bit vague, but I was curious and wanted to try it.

From the moment I contacted Josje about the session I felt my neck relax more. The healing itself was a nice moment of rest in which I felt more and more relaxation. When she told me afterwards that she felt a connection with my mother from my neck, I was amazed because the night before I wrote down for myself ‘my mother is always on my neck’. The following days things went much better and the tension from my neck completely dissipated.

Josje is a loving healer, it was very pleasant to receive a treatment.

⤞ Mike ⤝

My experience in giving one of the healings:


It feels like we are entering into a meditation.

There is a lot of nature around us.
It feels very fresh and pure.
In front of us is a small river.

There are all women with us and even more people around us.
It feels very big what we are going to do.
As if it announces a new phase.
An initiation.

We are in the water and carrying her.
Slowly we lower her into the water on our hands.
The water flows.
Takes an old layer with it.
An old version of her.
So that a new version can emerge.

⤞ Josje ⤝