Reiki healing

Energetic healing is great for:

❅  Releasing tension and surrender into softness and relaxation
❅ Solving or easing physical issues
❅ Giving space to emotions so that they can be released from your body
❅ Burnout
❅  Grounding or being in your body
❅ Releasing emotions or heaviness of others
❅ Tiredness
❅ Standing more fully in you power and be in touch with the great power of your intuition.

And in general more peace and balance in your body.

What do I do?
The healings have a basis of reiki, a technique from Japan also known as laying on of hands. This powerful base is intuitively mixed with the presence of animals and plants from shamanism, I regularly see spirits that want to say something or want to be present and there can be a touch of matrix through it.

Intuitively I know exactly where on my body my universal life energy is welcome. This energy activates your body’s own energy in a very soft, warm, but super powerful way and thus stimulates the self-healing capacity.

A healing can touch all kinds of things. It is a profound energy that gives exactly what the body needs most at that moment. It heals from the root of the ‘complaint’.

I can come across blockages that have been there for years. I regularly see (deceased) family or friends with whom there is a line that could use clearing.

Reiki was discovered in Japan by Mikao Usui. Usui is said to have been fascinated by healing power. He drew information from all the religions he could find and eventually went to meditate on Mount Kurama Yama for 21 days. There he received a vision in which and all kinds of ancient wisdom.

Want more information or doubting if a healing fits you? Please feel free to contact me!